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utf-8 txt files are not uploaded correctly if transfer mode is AUTO

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Take a text file encoded in utf-8 containing non-ascii characters with a .txt extension and upload it to a server with FileZilla with the transfer mode set to "AUTO".

Expected: the transfer mode should be set to whatever is correct, the upload should be done correctly, and the uploaded file should be ok

Observed: the "A" (ASCII) transfer mode is automatically selected and the uploaded file is somehow corrupted.

I'm not sure whether uploading an utf-8 text file in ASCII mode is supposed to work or not (i guess not).
If it is not, then selecting ASCII mode is wrong, and the Binary mode should be selected for utf8 text files when the mode is set to Auto.
If it is supposed to work, then FileZilla does it incorrectly.

Curiously enough, _downloading_ utf8-encoded text files in auto mode does work correctly (and the ASCII mode is selected automatically, again curiously), here the behavior of the server may be involved.

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

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Can you please attach the UTF-8 text file you used for your test? Ideally, attach the file once as present on your client, and once as present on the server (then corrupted?), after you uploaded it.

The automatic mode selection works based on file extension, NOT based on file contents. So if you have a PNG image and rename it to ".txt", it will uploaded in ASCII mode if you enable automatic mode selection.

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

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