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filezilla client is switching content of textfiles

Reported by: johc Owned by: Eirik
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Keywords: Cc: johc, Eirik, snowboardertim, spartlow, logantracyo, Alexander Schuch, Tim Kosse
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When I download a directory of files by rightclicking the
directory and selecting download some of the files
exchange content.

I've seen this more than a few times with the Filezilla
client - this time it was with version 2.2.9.

The server from where I download is a Filezilla server but
I dont know the version number. Anyway it never
happends when I use WS_FTP or Microsoft FTP.



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comment:1 by snowboardertim, 18 years ago

I have this same problem... but it's not just text files,
it's html, cfm and css files as well (basically... any
file). What it seems to be doing is actually changing the
names of files (ones that are next to eachother
alphebetically). I can no longer use FileZilla (as much as I
love it) until this bug it fixed... it happens frequently
and today, I have to repair over 100 files it scrambled.
Please fix this!! I want to use FileZilla, but I also want
to keep my job!

I'm using version 2.2.10



comment:2 by Eirik, 18 years ago

This might be because FZ is trying to transfer the files
using Binary mode instead of ASCII (which should be used for
text files). Have a look around edit - settings - file
transfer settings. Also, try forcing using ASCII mode on
some files that normally is causing problems with transfer
-> transfer type -> ASCII and see if that solves anything.

comment:3 by spartlow, 18 years ago

This doesn't seem to be related to binary vs ASCII mode.
I've had the same problem with JPGs as well. It's not every
time, but not rare either. It usually happens when queueing
up a large number of files to up or download at once, though
I've seen it when uploading as few as three files.

I'm using version 2.2.10.


comment:4 by logantracyo, 17 years ago

This just happened twice (in two days), though I agree with
snowboardertim that it appears to be swapping filenames
(rather than switching content), and agree with spartlow
that it's not binary vs ASCII.

Both times the affected files were alphabetically
immediately next to each other, and I was downloading
hundreds of files from a (non-FileZilla) Windows box to my
Windows laptop. The first time was with binary/ASCII files
(Route04.gif & Route04.cfm), the second was ASCII only
(DAO.cfc & CommentGateway.cfc) . . . at least as far as I
know -- still checking to see if it was limited to those two

This is with FileZilla 2.2.17; the changlogs up to 2.2.19a
don't mention anything that seems likely to have solved
this, so upgrading probably won't help.

One idea -- the checkbox "File Transfer Settings" / "Use
multiple connections to transfer files" is checked, and
"Transfer up to" is set to 2. That seems like a pretty
likely place for this filename swapping problem to occur, so
turning this setting off might reduce this bug's impact for now.

I agree with snowboardertim also in thinking this bug is
important enough to keep me from using FileZilla. I really
like FZ, but this is an absolute showstopper. Since I
cannot reliably reproduce the problem, I cannot be certain
that turning off multiple file transfers will solve it.


comment:5 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

What was/is the FTP server you connected to? Does it happen on all FTP servers or just on
some? If anyone used ProFTPd, please read

comment:6 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

This is a confirmed bug in some servers, not a FileZilla bug.

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