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Window Layout/Menu Width

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The problem I've been having is that I don't find that
FileZilla remembers any of my menu positions or window
positions. I am running Win2K and have tried versions
1.6 all the way through 1.8.1.

I'm assuming this is a bug. (You should set up Forums
so that users could discuss problems and help each
other... Just an idea. :p)

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comment:1 by slcotten, 21 years ago


I would like to add my two cents worth here as well. As a
programmer myself, I know it a simple matter of saving
window positions and sizes either to the registry or to a
small prefs file. I know it's probably one those
"we'll-get-around-to-it-sometime" items. But this is a
great project... it would be a shame to allow it to have
one those user interface incovenience quirks that bugs so
many people!

Keep up the great work!

comment:2 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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I have the same behavior under Win XP on versions 2.1.9 and
2.2.1a : the window size and the positions of the internal
panels are not remembered from a session to another.

comment:3 by rene-macleod, 20 years ago

My window position is remembered save for one annoying
problem. I have my taskbar on the top of my screen instead
of the bottom. Seems the app is saving it's position relative
to top/left of the screen and on open positioning itself to the
top/left of the desktop. So every time I open it I have to
move it down a bit. If left it will crawl up my screen on every
open and close of the app until it is at the top of the screen.

comment:4 by wanto, 20 years ago

i use 2 monitors. so many programs that put dialogs and
windows fully stretched or centered (split by my monitors).
it is incredibly annoying.. you wouldn't understand it
unless you've used 2 monitors. anyway, i've just started
using filezilla today (i used to use smart ftp but i'm sick
of the 'buy me' dialogs) and am considering switching back
if this is an ongoing issue. somebody please spend the 1hr
coding and testing, you'll have one more user i promise!

comment:5 by sodamnmad, 19 years ago

I also use 2 monitors and its very annoying. I guess I can
live resizing the window (since I have to live with this for
many other programs that size the window to 70% width/height
without realizing that if width > 2000, then 70% is
waaaayyyy too big)... but the most annoying thing for me is
that I have to first move the middle divider over or else it
when I resize the window, it will get lost in the covered
part of the window.

comment:6 by Tim Kosse, 19 years ago

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