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ASCII Mode Enhancement Request

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I've come across a situation that can't be all that uncommon, in which the FileZilla client's ASCII mode is insufficient.

Like many people I use Cygwin with Windows. When I create a text file using Cygwin Emacs, it's a UNIX file (EOL = LF). When I then try to use the Windows client to transmit the file in ASCII mode, it doesn't get converted to NetASCII's EOL = CRLF because the client only knows about Windows text files (EOL = CRLF).

There's an analogous situation under Linux, which can mount drives having different filesystems including Windows drives. When I try to send a Windows file using the Linux client I have the same difficulty (presumably, although I haven't tried this one).

What's needed is a way to specify which conversions to make when sending ASCII files: CR, LF, and/or CRLF (which is just passed through). I suppose the OS default EOL should always be converted.

And on receiving ASCII files, a way to control what to use for EOL: CR, LF, or CRLF.

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