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home directory different than disk C

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i use FileZilla client ftp and wanted to try the server but
here is a problem...

if use don't use the C drive (or a C drive subdir) , you
don't assign the right path...i show you an exemple...

-i configured the path "e:\ftp" as my home director that
i nename as "ftp"
-when i connected with a client ftp (filezilla) i did not
have the files i should...the client told me that there is
no file and no subdir in my home dir.....strange!!!!....
-in fact not realy....i decided to create a sub dir in my
home dir that i called "123"...then i uploaded a file in my
homedir and in my subdir (123)...
-the filetransferts worked well...
-BUT!!!!!!!!when i wanted to search the uploaded files in
my directory "e:\ftp" on my E know what i
had no "123" directory that i was supposed to had
creating...and none of the two files i uploaded.....
-SO....where were they???? nopb i lounched a search on
all my drive to find the two want to know
the result??....sure you do ;-)
the first one was in "c:\windows\system32\ftp"
and the second one in "c:\windows\system32\ftp\123"

Hope you debug that shortly !!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck for the project !!!!


computer OS : win XP Home
fillezilla server version : 0.9.0 beta

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 20 years ago

You can only enter complete paths in the users dialog.

For example if your homedir should be e:\ftp, you have to
enter e:\ftp
It will appear on the server as '/' (or '/e/ftp/' if not
using relative paths).
If you omit the full path qualifier and enter just ftp, FZ
uses the path relative to the current working dir for the
server (which may be everywhere, depends on your system

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