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Limit on the number of files listed

Reported by: Phil Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: Vista Home


I've had a persistent problem listing files in from the remote server where there are more than 300 files (I'm not sure of the exact number). I've experienced the same bug on other versions. Core FTP LE works with my connection to the same path.

I'm using Filezilla with SFTP-SSH protocol.

It appear to change the remote directory and then report the following message:
Status: Listing directory /network/Specified_Path
Trace: No valid incoming packet found
Error: No valid incoming packet found
Trace: CControlSocket::DoClose(64)
Trace: CSftpControlSocket::ResetOperation(66)
Trace: CControlSocket::ResetOperation(66)
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing
Trace: CFileZillaEnginePrivate::ResetOperation(66)

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 14 years ago

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FileZilla has been successfully tested with directories containing over half a million files.

Which server software (product and version) are you using?

comment:2 by Phil, 14 years ago

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The server software product and version is not available to me.

As I've mentioned above Core FTP LE works with my connection to the same path. This indicates to me that it is not a problem with the remote server, my internet connection or my computer operating system.

Thanks for your help, Phil

comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 14 years ago

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All SFTP servers advertise their own software product and version as part of the SSH handshake. This can be seen in the log of FileZilla shortly after starting a connection attempt.

Note that your logic is seriously flawed, simple counter-example: Assume there is a bridge that isn't built high enough. A cabrio comes along and passed right under the bridge. Now a big truck comes along and crashes against the bridge. You're saying that it cannot possibly be the bridge's fault, it has to be the truck.

comment:4 by Phil, 14 years ago

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Thanks, I agree about the trucks but both vehicles appear to be the same size to me or I'm not savvy enough on networking to know the difference.

I think this is the info you requested:
Trace: Server version: SSH-2.0-1.36_sshlib GlobalSCAPE
Trace: We believe remote version ignores SSH-2 maximum packet size
Trace: Using SSH protocol version 2
Trace: We claim version: SSH-2.0-PuTTY_Local:_Mar_21_2010_19:19:21

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 14 years ago

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SSH-2.0-1.36_sshlib GlobalSCAPE

That's the problem. You are using a very outdated SFTP server that suffers from multiple known faults.

Please contact the server administrator so that he can upgrade to a recent server version.

comment:6 by Phil, 14 years ago

Many thanks for your time. I'll submit a ticket to the company concerned.

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