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#4938 new Feature request

Separate queues and message logs for tabs

Reported by: Daniel Beardsmore Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: tab, message log, transfer queue Cc:
Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: 5.1.2600


When creating a new tab, it would be useful if the new tab had its own message log and queue. Queue not so much, but it's impossible to read anything in the message log of one tab, if another tab is flooding it with transfer messages when a large transfer is in progress.

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comment:1 by Jim Michaels, 15 years ago

There is definitely a need for a unique queue for each tab.

there are problems with tabs, and you have to choose between 2 problems:
with multiple tabs and 1 queue for all tabs to use,
+ possibility of "too many connections" to server is eliminated.

  • multiple connections to the same site don't get serviced properly.
  • user doesn't have a choice.

with multiple tabs and separate queue for each tab, and separate thread? for each connection,

  • possibility of "too many connections: to server if 2 tabs are opened to same server.

+ multiple connections to the same site get serviced properly
+ user has a choice. the user already knows the number of simultaneous connections limitations on the server.

how things stand now:

  1. start connection to (1st tab)
  2. upload 14 large DVD ISO files (2.9GB each). this will take a long time to execute. put them in the queue.
  3. start new connection in new tab to
  4. upload small html file.
  5. increase the number of simultaneous transfers from 1 to 2.
  6. decrease the number of simultaneous transfers from 2 to 1.

the html file is erroneously pushed on the end of the queue and is not processed until the very last.
each tab should have its own thread I think.
If you set the number of simultaneous transfers to 2, it simply does another ISO file, not the html file. For some reason, the html file is not tied to the 2nd tab and therefore immediately processed. by the way, the number of simultaneous transfers was 1.

If you are going to stick with 1 queue,
there could be a dropdown listbox/combobox/radio in the transfer settings dialog which offers the following choices:
"default: combined queue. max simul. xfers applies to all tabs combined" (this is for combined queue)
"combined queue. distribute max simul. xfers > 1 across tabs" (this is for combined queue.Jobs that are in other tabs should get priority)
"separate queues. max simul. xfers applies to each tab" (this is for separate queue for each tab)

however, I think it would be much better if there were separate queues, since the user already knows what the limitations on the server are and is probably not going to try too many connections.

there has been many a time when I am uploading a queue of large files to the server, and I will make a change to one small html file, and I will want to simultaneously upload that file to the same server at the same time. For me, this is a common occurrance. separate queues & logs would be greatly appreciated.

sample large test files can be created with my command-line utility createfile (

comment:2 by Daniel Beardsmore, 9 years ago

I'm surprised that there aren't more people interested in this. Not queues for me, though that wouldn't hurt; just a separate messages list per tab.

comment:3 by Slawa, 9 years ago


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