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action after queue completion, HIBERNATE

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Shutting down dows not always work. it is frought with problems. it frequently fails on my machine because certain programs crash during shutdown.

something that *always* seems to work is hibernation (except on compaq laptops where function keys "quickkeys" are broken, there a shutdown is fine). it is also preferable in some cases.

There are a lot of times when I will have a multi-gigabyte upload in process over several days or overnight, and I want the machine to hibernate itself after the queue is done.

I don't like shutting the machine down. I have a lot of apps I like to keep running and files I like to keep open (as a developer and a multitasker).

different things for different situations.
Hibernation also applies to Linux, if Filezilla ever is available for linux (or mac?).

Jim Michaels

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comment:1 by Jim Michaels, 15 years ago

I found that this feature request is a duplicate of bug 4408. I will add this info which will speed up the process though.

hibernation can be implemented by:
if (EnablePrivilege(SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME)) { check the results!

BOOL success = SetSuspendState(TRUE, TRUE, TRUE);
last parm TRUE means nothing will wake system
(except maybe power button).


you will need to define the function EnablePriviledge(...). the same enabling of priviledges code is required for a shutdown or a reboot, and you already have the code for that. Hope it is modularized. The code that I have for EnablePriviledge is Copyright 1996 Prentice Hall. let me know if you want it.
Jim Michaels

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