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Open menu item does not work properly

Reported by: mariush Owned by:
Priority: low Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: open association Cc:
Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: Windows 2003 Standard


The detection method used by the "Open" menu entry when right clicking on the Local files list seems to be flawed.
On video files associated with Video Lan Client it reports:

The file 'E:\folder\file.avi' could not be opened:
No program has been associated on your system with this file type.

Double clicking the video files in Windows explorer or Total Commander works and VLC opens the video.

For other extensions unrelated to Video Lan Client, like .txt, .doc, .pdf it works properly.

The OS is Windows 2003 Standard, 32bit.

I'm willing to run debug versions of Filezilla, just let me know.

If it helps, here are some registry entries:
HKCR\.avi\(Default) = VLC.avi
HKCR\VLC.avi\(Default) = VLC media file (.avi)
HKCR\VLC.avi\shell\(Default) = Play
HKCR\VLC.avi\shell\Play\(Default) = Play
HKCR\VLC.avi\shell\Play\command\(Default) = "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" --started-from-file "%1"

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

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FileZilla is correct, the Open verb is unassociated for .avi

comment:2 by mariush, 15 years ago

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I disagree.


Standard Canonical Verbs and Their Behaviors

A file association generally has a preferred action that is taken when the user double-clicks a file of this type. This preferred action is linked to a verb referred to as the primary verb. The primary verb is specified by the default value of the shell key, or the open key if the shell key has no default value. The most common primary verb is open. However, in media files, the most common primary verb is play. The primary verb is also referred to as the default verb.

Also see this:

There's also "View" for pictures and there may be other verbs in the future, so it's not right to allow only "open".

Raymon Chen, the owner of the blog, is a well known Microsoft employee, so it's pretty safe to assume what he says is right, if you don't believe me or the documentation

PS. There's also problems opening files with the .url extension

Save the following in a file with the .url extension and try using open on it:


The registry key is

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\InternetShortcut\shell\open\command\(Default) : rundll32.exe ieframe.dll,OpenURL %l

Filezilla says:

The target "" of this Internet Shortcut is not invalid. Go to the ... [ OK ]

Unable to open "| E:\folder\file.url". [ OK ]

ps2. On files like ".htaccess" it's "probably" impossible to create "open" verbs, yet Filezilla says there is no software associated.
By default, I think it should show the "open with" dialogue.

comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

Resolution: rejected
Status: reopenedclosed

The context menu says Open, not Play. So the Open verb needs to be set correctly.

comment:4 by mariush, 15 years ago

This is ridiculous, dude.

Every application out there that I know of, including Windows Explorer, adjusts the default option to match the verb, which could be Open, Play or whatever.

It's not just one application that follows this specification, even Microsoft does it in the case of .reg files for example. Just create an empty .reg file and right click it, you'll see it shows "Merge" not Open, even though it uses the "open" verb in registry.

The menu entry in Filezilla should change from Open to the default verb according to what is said in registry, as that's the rule on Windows. I don't know why you're so stuck on this, as it's just a few extra lines of code to the software. This is what people that use other software programs expect.

The regular user, for example in the case of MP3 files, will have Play as default and when he sees Open in Filezilla he will expect to be opened by the application he has configured, for example Winamp or Video Lan Client. But if some audio processing application uses the open verb for it, Filezilla could open the MP3 files all the time with that audio processing application which is not what user expects. Same for PSD files (View to open as read only on Irfanview or other image viewer and open/edit for editing in Photoshop) and other formats.

I'll leave it close as you're probably going to close it anyway, but please re-think this.

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

Please file a feature request with wxWidgets so that they can add support for additional verbs in a cross-platform way.

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