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Local/remote details format discrepancies; local time bug

Reported by: Scott M. Sanders Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Other
Keywords: Cc: Scott M. Sanders, Tim Kosse
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Here are discrepancies in the list formatting of file
and folder details and columns between local and remote
lists (note that the local system is Windows XP Pro,
and the remote is Unix runnning Apache):

Filesize: (Configurable, but the only one)


  • Local: One column named "Last Modified"; date

formatted m/dd/yyyy; time formatted H:mm t (?)

  • Remote: Two columns named "Date" and "Time"; date

formatted mm/dd/yyyy; time formatted H:mm

Filetype: Missing on remote list

Permissons: Missing on local list, even though Windows
sets permissions, too (just not the same as Unix)

Also, note that the local time format is incorrect,
using 24-hour time and the AM/PM variable.

I would suggest (if it's not in your todo already)
making all file and folder details and list columns
fully configurable for both local and remote lists,
including selectable columns and formatting (like
currently with filesize).

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comment:1 by Scott M. Sanders, 21 years ago

Edit: Remote time is formatted HH:mm

comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 19 years ago

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