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file replacing in remote server

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i got my website down cause i made a doubleclick in local file and it transferred blindly to remote server and replaced it

i guess you're not taking uppercase or lowercase in consideration
Web.Config is not the same as web.config but.. IT IS!!!

so you're not detecting replace in this situation

got version 3.2.1

keep up the good work.

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

Resolution: wontfix
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Windows servers are a tiny minority.

Most servers are running better operating systems which all have case insensitive file systems.

The FTP protocol does not offer any means to detect the the filesystem semantics of a server.

comment:2 by Rui Pedro, 15 years ago

you dont have to question my "worst operating system". it is, in fact, an issue and i think you should work (as i do in my company) work for a "all operating system" non bug software.

i'm so sorry this isnt the case and your so full of yourself and your better operating system

i set the ticket to "wontfix" but your bug caused my website to stay down for a several time due to this

i think this should be inportanto to you too

so i'm seeting filezzila do "dont install anymore" and filezilla server to "dont recomend cause you're too good for my machine

happy programming and keep up the possible good work


comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

Please tell me how to detect through the commands provided by the FTP protocol what case behaviour the filesystem has.

Three possible ways to handle case:

  • case-sensitve
  • case-insensitive and case preserving
  • case-insensitive and case destructive

Since there is no way to detect this, the right thing is to assume the most strict behavior, which is case-sensitive.

Oh and I am not "full of myself". You are doing what all clueless users do, you confuse wisdom with arrogance. I present my facts straight and to the point, I gave up on verbal candy long time ago.

comment:4 by Rui Pedro, 15 years ago

"Most servers are running better operating systems which all have case insensitive file systems."
you dont have to say what is better or is not.. ok?

commenting the
"The FTP protocol does not offer any means to detect the the file system semantics of a server."

the server should conform to FTP specification (if there is one) and it should be transparent to what platform you use

you may be right
but you must be wrong
i never had this problem with "smartftp", for example so there must be a way!

windows does not allow "Web.CONFIG" and "web.config" in same directory ... did i explain myself wrong?

server -> web.config
local -> WEB.CONFIG

double click local file and server file will be replaced without confirmation

suggestion (for what it is worth)
if FTP protocol does not allow that i think you should work with file directory you get and you display from server before you send a file to a server...
you have files from server
you have local dir
you have file being sent to server
all to lowercase
file sent in "files from server"? -> replace dialog
thats just 1 ideia

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

windows does not allow "Web.CONFIG" and "web.config" in same directory ...
did i explain myself wrong?

That is not correct. Windows does allow it, but not all filesystems used by Windows allow it. FAT based filesystems are case insensitive. But NTFS can be configured to be case sensitive. Also, mounted network resources can be case sensitive. There's not even an easy way to detect if some local directory is case sensitive or not.

comment:6 by Rui Pedro, 15 years ago

i just read NTFS 3g suports something called POSIX for portability between different systems... with allows web.config and WEB.CONFIG to exist happily in the same folder

if you say windows servers are a minority (and i sure believe you) then you have some worries of giving a file replace warning in some ntfs-3g with posix using filezilla ftp client? these will sure be a minor of a minor minority

i'm sure you have your reasons and i'm not trying to change them... i'm not "PRO" enough to discuss ftp protocol with you as in command line i do "get" and a bit more. And i use it in IBM host environment and i'm not the systems guy though i'm the programming guy. i had setup some ftp servers and clients and i liked filezilla the best but i cannot take these risk

posix, as i read, is volume enabled... so you cannot write a filezilla.log and a filezilla.LOG in filezilla setup and check if they both exist :)

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