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APPE corrupts my work

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I want to use FileZilla to upload Files to a Server.
I want FileZilla to insert Files to the remote Filesystem
that does not exist on the Server so far.
FileZilla asks me how to handle Files on my sytem that
are older on the server.
What FileZilla does not ask me - and does wrong - is
handling files with an identical timestamp on my PC and
the Server.
I transfer ASCII-Files. On my system a linebreak is
stored with 2 bytes. The remote system stores one byte
per linebreak. It strips off the extra byte automatically,
thus making the file shorter.
FileZilla on an update of the whole directory structure
recognizes the identical FileDate and the different
(smaller) filesize and thus thinks it has to APPEnd extra
bytes to the file on the server.
That's why I'd call "motherfucking bullshit" ;-)
It does not malke sense at all.
My ASCII-files are PHP scripts that now become
unparsable by PHP and screw up my whole system.
It took me 3 houres yesterday (Sunday evening) to
figure this error out, finally delete all files on the server
and upload them wholly.
So please change FileZilla that it works in a way it does
not automatically corrupt my scripts.

Thank you,

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comment:1 by bardware, 21 years ago

Hello again,

I just wanted to add a smiley to my bug-report, since it
maybe does not sound very polite.



comment:2 by blujay, 21 years ago

FZ's automatic decision-making with regard to overwriting,
etc. is not great at the moment, so I always make the
decisions individually unless I know I'm transferring a
bunch that should overwrite or skip. Until FZ is improved
in that regard, anyway.

Yeah, you could have sounded a bit nicer there near the end. :P

comment:3 by olegsv, 21 years ago

I have the same problem in 2.1.9a

comment:4 by cigamit, 20 years ago

I have confirmed the problem to be in 2.2.1 also. Which is
effectively stopping me from using it, as it trashes 1 out of
every 5-6 files I upload (the rest seem fine). Back to
CuteFTP for me for now.

You would think that "ALWAYS OVERWRITE" would mean just
that, but maybe something has been lost in the translation of
it. So now would a possible "NEVER RESUME/APPEND" option
be called for?

comment:5 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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I have similar problem with BINARY files. It automatically
APENDS them but isn't able to apend them: Sometimes it
refuses to upload them at all, so I need to delete them,
sometimes I even do not recongnize that the fiel was upload
bad and I need to search all directories if any file isn't 0 bytes.
Could you please remove automatic APPEND from the FileZille
for all type of files? Please.

comment:6 by Tim Kosse, 19 years ago

This bug report has been closed due to inactivity and has possibly
already been solved.

You can reopen this report if the issue still exists in the
latest version of FileZilla (Server).

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