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Define standard applications to OPEN files of certain types

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Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: XP SP2


For editing files you can define a standard editor. I would like to have that for viewing files as well. Didn´t find something like that in the existing tickets.


When I select "open" in the context menu of a text file (txt, log, dat, js, ...) on the local side always the Windows recommended/standard application is used to open this file even if there is a different application assigned in the Windows explorer file type options (Notepad2 in most cases).

Example: *.log

If you look that type up in Tools/Folder Options/File Types of the Windows explorer, you will find that the type shall be opened using Notepad2 which works on double clicks in the windows explorer. If you click on "Change", you probably see that the Windows Notepad is selected as default editor. This one is then used by FileZilla for some reason. But I want FileZilla to use Notepad2 as well (which is also defined as standard editor for editing files in my environment).

Other file types like *.js or *.html or *.bat could also require a different handler - especially html files shall not be opened in a browser but in a text editor when I try to open it from FileZilla - mostly I do not want to view but edit them before uploading it again, for instance to remove a typo.

If my writing not clear enough, please come back to me ;)

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