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Wrong/Unwanted driver information

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Brief setup explanation:

On my web development setup, I have a server where all my work files are stored. Each project is its own folder in this server, and each folder is shared independently (the Projects folder isn´t shared).

Then, on my machine (Windows XP SP2) I map these shared folders into VIRTUAL DRIVERS. This way, all my projects appear to be in HDs, whereas they are actually shared folders on a network.

I can then LABEL these drivers (just like I can RENAME a real driver). All the drivers share the same REAL NAME (the server´s name), but Windows allows me to label (not rename, just label) them differently so I name each of them after the PROJECT NAME.

FileZilla displays the DRIVER NAME (server´s name) instead of the DRIVER LABEL. So all my 13 virtual drivers are named the same in FZ, and I have to rely on Driver Letter to figure out which one is the one I need at the moment!

Soooooo easy to fix!

I was using an eval version of SmartFTP, and that little software gets the virtual driver label correctly, so a solution is attainable.

FileZilla is the closest thing to SmartFTP in usability, and I see a LOT of potential in it! I would also like to participate in the development.

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

Most likely your server disobeys the MDTM specifications.

To further analyze the problem do the following:

  1. Enable "show raw directory listings" in the settings dialog
  2. Restart the client
  3. Connect to the server
  4. Attach contents of message log here

comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

Sorry, pasted my reply in the wrong window.

FileZilla is cross-platform. Getting things like "drive labels" is Windows specific, it is not available on other, more sane operating systems and requires a lot of extra code. Unfortunately I do not know how to get the required information. The Windows API documentation is very cryptic on this.
If you figure it out, please write a patch and attach it here.

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