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Problem with NFS-mounted computers

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FileZilla has a problem to expand paths of NFS-mounted
computers. Please see the following mail for details:

At 14:07 2003/07/01 +0200, you wrote:

Hi Anders,
Ok when I use the Command Prompt to download the file
there is no problem ! However, using my FTP
client "FileZilla" it is as I said in my previous email... It is
not working with files located in nmrpc0. When I click on
nmrpc0 (path being /usr/people/polymer/nmrdata/) my
FTP client put me under the patch "/polymer/nmr/" !

The path should have been /nmrpc0/data/polymer/nmr
so the problem is probably that your ftp-program does
not properly expand the
/usr/people/polymer/nmrdata/ symbolic link to that path.
In short, I think it is a bug.

Maybe FileZilla works if you connect
to /nmrpc0/data/polymer/nmr instead?
That path should not have to be expanded the same
way since the backup
computer is NFS-mounted on /nmrpc0/data.

Or use another ftp-program.


This problem was found in other FTP clients like
smartFTP. Two FTP clients which work without
problems: FTP-voyager and CoreFTP


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