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Upgrade of FileZilla deleted sitemanager data

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To put this angry bug report in context, let me first of all, thank you gentlemen for making free software for me!

Opening filezilla today I was asked to upgrade to the newest filezilla. I am not sure it gave me the possibility of choosing not to upgrade, but probably it did. It should please do so more prominently.

Nevertheless, I would maybe have chosen to upgrade even if I could choose not to. Upgrading caused the following disadvantages to me that together add up to so much inconvenience that I would greatly have preferred not to upgrade.

  1. I had to reboot to uninstall the old filezilla.
  1. After reinstalling, all my hosts in my list (notably including their passwords) have been deleted. I am sure I can find most of them again, but it will be really cumbersome.
  1. to add insult to injury, the new filezilla starts out by throwing a message box in my face asking me to report bugs! Yes, now I damn well will. That message made me feel like you feel at liberty to test your buggy upgrades on me! You could have asked me whether I felt like taking a risk!

I do not know what improvements are in the newest filezilla, but I was quite happy with the old version I have, so I venture to guess that I would have been happier without your latest "improvements" to filezilla.

Yours sincerely,
Tommy Olesen

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

The update isn't forced, you had several chances to click cancel.

Neither upgrading nor uninstalling FileZilla touches any of the site data, the installer is completely oblivious of the user's settings.

In addition, all versions of FileZilla 3 (which are also the only versions with the update available prompt, 2.x did not have it) share the same file format for settings and sites.

Most likely explanation is that you did log in with a different user account after rebooting. Every user account has his own settings and sites.

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