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Transfer Hang

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Now sure if *hang* is the right word but I've been
experiencing hangs or jams in transfers when using
filezilla to transfer files from my local sun ultra60 server
into my PC (Win3K SP2).

The proceedure that i use is to drag a large number of
files say 40 or more from the remote window to the local
window. Files vary in sizes from 200K to 2MB (max).

The transfer begins fine and transfers the file quickly. But
after a number of transfers (the exact number seems
arbitrary) the transfers in the queue slow.

A couple of seconds go by and then I get a dialog box
saying that the file that I am trying to transfer is on my
system already, has a size of 0 bytes and do I want to
overwrite, skip, etc....

In some cases this continues for each file in the queue
in other cases the connection seems to *wake up* again
and transfers begin again.

Messages in the log window when this happens are:

command: TYPE I
Response: 200 Type set to I.
Command: PORT xxx,xxx,xxx,81,9,25
Response: 200 PORT command successful.
Command: RETR ASIN_one_seismic_u32
Response: 425 Can't create data socket
(,20): Interrupted system call.
Error: Download failed

I can sucessfully transfer the same files using other
programs between these two systems (windows ftp,
ncftp(v3.1.4), and cygwin ftp);

If I drag and drop smaller amounts of files 5~10 I
haven't run into this, It only seems when I queue a large
number of files 40+.


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