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Files transfered/duplicated to wrong directories

Reported by: tnorm5828 Owned by: Tim Kosse
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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This is a copy of the message I left on the filezilla forums about the issue.

I can't explain this one. About 45 of 55 folders were duplicated into a folder locally when copying files to my machine.

Here is the situation... I have a whole bunch of photo files I was copying from my ftp server on the internet to my windows machine. Most have .jpg extensions, but some didn't. There are about 55 folders with about 5+ gigs in there.

I copied the files to my local machine by doing ctrl-a (select all) on the server and dragged them to the queue. I then went into the queue and removed the recycle bin, trash files, logs, etc files and folders that I didn't want copied to the local machine.

After the transfer I checked that all the files transfered correctly by going from one directory to another and using the directory comparison.

First thing I noticed was that all of the photo files without file extensions were the wrong size (larger locally). I figured out that they had all been transfered using Ascii instead of binary... this is no big deal... that was my fault. I didn't realize Filezilla would default to ascii instead of binary on files without extensions. I would think it should default to binary, but that isn't the reason I'm writing.

Starting in the 12th folder(not counting sub folders) and continuing through the rest of the folders I started seeing files duplicated from the previous folder in the current folder. So the 12th folder contains the 12th folder files plus files from the 11th folder. The 13th folder contains files from the 13th folder plus files from the 12th folder, but not the 11th folder. The 14th folder contain files from the 14th folder and duplicates from the the 13th folder, but not the 11th or 12th folder.This was only locally and not on the server, so filezilla must have done it when processing or creating the queue.

If what I am writing isn't clear, I'll try to diagram the files structure of my local machine

11th folder

12th folder

13th folder

I now have to go through and manually delete a whole bunch of files because they don't belong where they are, but I assume it also meant that filezilla downloaded almost twice as many files as it should have.

BTW I'm using filezilla on a Windows 2000 Pro Service pack 4 machine.

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

There is an option to treat files without an extention as binary files.

FileZilla has a right-click directory option called "add to queue". If you use this option, and check the queue afterwards, does it all look file then or are the files queued up wrongly already? If you then process the queue, does it happen again? Are you able to reproduce the issue?

comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

Where exactly did you drop? Local tree? Or local file list? If local file list, into current directory or into a subdirectory?

Can you reproduce this issue? If so, are the files already mixed up in the queue or only after the transfer has finished?

comment:3 by tnorm5828, 16 years ago

I discovered after I started repairing the directory structure a little bit of what happened. I had some folders already downloaded (about a third of the folders). I told FZ to just skip the files if they were present, figuring it would skip those folders and files already downloaded. Because it decided to download all the files into the wrong directories it downloaded all the folders.

So I believe there was not any duplication of files into different folders in the initial download. I miss interpreted what had happened, but the files were downloaded into the wrong folders. Just off by 1 folder.

I believe I dragged and dropped the list of folders to download into the queue area. I had already selected the main download folder to download into in the folder tree.

I've tried repeating the error, but it probably would require me to actually download the files which last time took me a day and a half to do, so I can't afford the time. The queue list looks fine when I retry it though. My only thought is that maybe it was just a glitch that occurred over time.

comment:4 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

Closing then due to lack information.

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