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Ctrl+A closes the FileZilla-Client

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Hello together,

i'm logged in the domainftp an i would upload new files, so i pressed Ctrl and A to mark all files, to send this files to the server. But when i do this filezilla closes all filezilla sessions. I use ubuntu 7.10, with Filezilla 3.0.0.

Bye Marcus Radisch

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

Please upgrade to the latest version of FileZilla. There won't be
support for outdated versions.

See for download links.

comment:2 by amarradi, 16 years ago


this bug isn't fixed in the Version 3.0.6 of FileZilla, the Bug is alwasy there.


comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

Please try 3.0.7-rc1 from

If it still fails, start synaptic and install the gdb package.
Next open a terminal, go into the directory where the filezilla executable is.
Type: gdb ./filezilla
Inside gdb type: run
Use CTRL+a in FileZilla
Inside gdb type: bt

Post results here.

comment:4 by amarradi, 16 years ago


this bug is always there in Version 3.0.7-rc1.

Here the Backtrace

Starting program: /home/radischm/FileZilla3/bin/filezilla
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
[New Thread -1220540736 (LWP 7848)]

Program exited normally.
(gdb) bt
No stack.

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

What happens if the focus in on something other than the file lists, like for example the directory trees and you're pressing ctrl+a?

comment:6 by amarradi, 16 years ago


so i tested it under using the gdb and there is no change, it is uninteressted where i set the focus on local file or directories it closed the windows, the remote files or directories it will also closed. Is it possible that the fault lies with me?
or can someone say the he /she had the same problem


comment:7 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

How do other programs react to Ctrl+A?

comment:8 by amarradi, 16 years ago

gFTP works normally, TB works normally, KeePassX works normally FileZilla says in gdb "program exiting normally" Do you use Filezilla? i will try in in windows to see it in an other OS

comment:9 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

Can't reproduce this. Must be something unique to your system. Try upgrading to the most recent Ubuntu Hardy Heron alpha and see if the problem goes away.

comment:10 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

Workaround: Make sure you only have a single keyboard layout installed.

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