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Server 0.8.3: Folder name problem

Reported by: booboobird Owned by: Tim Kosse
Priority: normal Component: Other
Keywords: Cc: booboobird, Tim Kosse, chinkuan
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I found that filezilla server had problems with folder
names of Chinese characters. But rather, it's not just
a DBCS (double-byte character system) compatability
problem. I could enter those folders in question and
get the file list normally, but when I started to
download files in those folders, filezilla server
reported "550 file not found" for each file. I tried to
use the same Chinese characters as file names and those
files could be downloaded normally. This problem occurs
only with folders (with Chinese name), not files (with
Chinese name), and only while downloading files in
thoese folders. Looks like filezilla server has some
problem handling folder names on action of file transfer.

Although not all Chinese characters cause this problem,
it occurs very often. In my experience, 2 folders out
of 4 exhibited this problem. It is probabily a bug
ranther than a Chinese character compatability problem.

I tried two different clients, filezilla and windows xp
built-in ftp, and confirmed that this problem was at
server side. (The server was executed on windows me)

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 21 years ago

Can you please give some examples of those filenames?
If possible, please post the ASCII/DBCS codes of the
characters, as I might be unable to see/use chinese

comment:2 by booboobird, 21 years ago

It's my fault posting an incomplete bug report.
I picked out three Chinese characters that cause this
problem. The codes are
" A448 " ,
" BC5A " ,
" AB4F " ,
hexidemical, of course.
I'd like to state again that this problem occurs only while
trying to download a file from a folder that has a name
containing "character of trouble".
Uploading file behaves the same as downloding, and gives a
message "Invalid filename" while the problem occurs.

comment:3 by chinkuan, 20 years ago

I have found the reason.
Many folders with Chinese name (Big5) will be converted in
lower case incorrectly (using CStdString.MakeLower();)

For example:

The single Chinese(Big5) character "BF4E" will convert

to "BF6E" in lower case after "CStdString.MokeLower();"

The problem was corrected after I removed the "dir.MakeLower
();" in CPermissions::GetFileName(...) .

comment:4 by Tim Kosse, 19 years ago

This bug report has been closed due to inactivity and has possibly
already been solved.

You can reopen this report if the issue still exists in the
latest version of FileZilla (Server).

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