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Qued list has not correct values

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v3.0.1.0 (non beta)

Qued download list is showing total files for both .zip total and zip files content files total. Only need files total. Do not need zip contents files total added to the list.

As a result lauching with such a high number in the list. It takes forever to load the app. And when it is running or quitted. It does not free its resources cleanly. Pc is like a slug until after a reboot.

taskmanger when loading example.
cpu 99
mem usage 180,728K
page faults 264,728

These values do go down after a few minutes. When filezilla eventualy appears. If load filezilla without a que of downloads it starts instantly and exists cleanly. Without a need to reboot.

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

FileZilla is not able to open .zip files.

comment:2 by pinned, 16 years ago

Sorry i do not mean open zip files, it seemed as if it did.

Ok i queued a file list of 500-600 zip files. In the FZ bottom left hand corner it counts the added files. It counted 18980 files to be downloaded. This is what led me to think it listed zip file contents. So no zip files can be opened so why the value so high, and queued file so large for 500-600 zip files in a queue.

Having such a big file made the whole os slow down. CPU 99% for minuets on loading. At exit FZ dissapears quickly but looking at process explorer it was there for a further 12 minutes before exiting. Even then the win pc was sluggish screen not instantly appearing. Restarting after running FZ each time the pc again is good, until i run FZ again.

comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

What files where there in the queue? The 500-600 zip files over and over again or some files you didn't select?

comment:4 by pinned, 16 years ago

I cannot remember, i have since gone to a much older version of FZ. It doesn't make the same error, now have 8mb que file instead of 100mb+ one for the same file downloads. Both do have one anoying problem remaining. If pc quits or power goes down. The que file list loses all downloads. And leaves an 8k que file in its place. So i'm using the same 8mb file i started with older FZ and keep reloading that for each session. It then verifies all files and continues from where it last ended. It would be nice if this was made better, like other ftp clients can do. Yes i would use one of them instead (there are a few). But they cannot reconnect whereas FZ can. Swings and roundabouts each has better abilities than the next ftp client.

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

Closed since inconclusive and not reproducible.

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