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VC++ 7.1 can't compile DirectoryCache.h (2.1.7)

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I don't know if this is a bug per se, but VC++ 7.1 will not
compile the 2.1.7 source unless the protected modifier
is commented out in DirectoryCache.h at line 62.

Just an FYI!


  • Kirk

P.S. is there a better place to submit compile- and
source-related items?

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 20 years ago

What's the exact error message(s) if compilation fails?
Using VC++ 6 the code compiles without problems. The only
problem I can think of is that VC7.1 has a problem with the
protected nested class CCachentry.

P.S.: Using the tracker is only one out of three places to
submit bugs/problems. You can also send them per mail or in
#filezilla on, feel free to choose your favourite.

comment:2 by kklobe, 20 years ago

d:\src\filezilla\source\DirectoryCache.cpp(39): error
C2248: 'CDirectoryCache::CCacheentry' : cannot access
protected class declared in class 'CDirectoryCache'

Intel C++ 7.1 produces the following warning:

.\DirectoryCache.cpp(39): warning #525:
class "CDirectoryCache::CCacheentry" is an inaccessible
type (allowed for compatibility)

typedef std::list<CDirectoryCache::CCacheentry::t_parents

*>::iterator tParentsIter;

comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 20 years ago

Please try the latest version from the CVS repository, I've
fixed this problem by moving the typedefs from
DirectroyCache.cpp line 39-40 into the class declaration

comment:4 by kklobe, 20 years ago

Current CVS checkout compiles cleanly in 7.1!

VC++ 7.1 seems to have made *huge* strides forward in
compatibility with the Standard and in its STL
implementation. I'd be more than happy to supply binaries if
you are interested.

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