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FZ3 Can't connect to some spanish FTP servers that FZ2 can

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When attempting to connect to some FTP servers that use spanish messages, FZ3 times out without even detecting the username/password prompt.

This is under Ubuntu Edgy, english language installation, and Filezilla 3 BETA 7.

I have the ES locale installed as can be seen below:

ariel@polaris:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
Generating locales...

doneen_AU.UTF-8... done
es_AR.UTF-8... done
es_BO.UTF-8... done
es_CL.UTF-8... done
es_CO.UTF-8... done
es_CR.UTF-8... done
es_DO.UTF-8... done
es_EC.UTF-8... done
es_ES.UTF-8... done

Generation complete.

An then tried:

ariel@polaris:~$ export LC_ALL=es_ES.UTF-8
ariel@polaris:~$ filezilla

With or without the export I get the same timeout problem.

FZ2 (with Wine) works with no problems in the same machine / Ubuntu OS.

GNU's ftp client also works fine with these sites.


FZ3 fails:
Status: Resolving IP-Address for
Status: Connecting to
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Response: 220-FTP server ready.
Status: Invalid character sequence received, disabling UTF-8. Select UTF-8 option in site manager to force UTF-8.
Error: Connection timed out
Error: Could not connect to server

GNU ftp works fine:

Connected to
220-FTP server ready.
220 Este es un sistema privado - No se permiten usuarios an�nimos
Name (

It would be great to have this fixed :)

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Thanks for reporting. This issue has been fixed in the CVS
repository and will be available with the next version.

comment:2 by arireads, 17 years ago

Hi, this is to confirm that the nightly build 2007-04-22 does not have the problem anymore!

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