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Improvement suggestions for Site Manager "Sites" UI

Reported by: atticusthegreat Owned by: Alexander Schuch
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I'm running Filezilla on linux.

There are a few things I'd love to see improved with the Site Manager "Sites" UI.

  • I'd like to be able to make the sites viewing area wider or narrower on demand. Right now there is a fairly small space and it feels a little cramped, especially when I want to have longer names, or folder trees. Right now, it uses scrollbars, but I'd like to be able to change the size via drag&drop.
  • When trying to rename/delete/copy sites or folders, the keyboard shortcuts don't seem to be working. Pressing R or D or C will simply select the site that has those letters as their first letter. It won't actually delete them until I manually click the buttons.
  • I can't seem to drag&drop existing sites between folders. I can add a folder, and add a site to that folder, but I can't move sites between folders. I'd like it if I could add a folder, then move an existing site to that folder.
  • In the General tab, in the Logontype dropdown menu. I'd like to be able to type the first letter of the option I want and it automatically selects it (this is the standard html behavior). Right now, when you have the dropdown menu active, pressing N for 'Normal' doesn't do anything, but I'd like it to select the 'Normal' option, and so on.

Thanks for your time!

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

1) I do not know what you mean by changing the size by drag'n'drop. You can maximise the Site Manager dialog by using the appropriate function of your window manager. You can as well resize the dialog window on demand. The window size gets saved across sessions as well.

2) Which language/locale are you using? I am using English, and using Alt+Key works on KDE, so Alt+R for rename, Alt+D for delete, etc.

3) I cannot reproduce it. I am using FileZilla and drag'n'drop of sites into other folders works for me in Site Manager.

4) I do not get the part about standard HTML... Anyway, FileZilla uses the widgets of the underlying toolkit, so if the toolkit doesn't support it, FileZilla won't as well. On GNU/Linux, the toolkit usually is GTK+, but you should check the toolkit used by wxWidgets, as it might be something else as well.

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comment:2 by atticusthegreat, 16 years ago

Thanks for the response.

1) You're right, I didn't realize the Site manager window could be resized.
2) I'm using English/en_US (I think). The Alt+letter works for me. I had been under the impression that just pressing the letters would work (D as opposed to Alt+D)

  1. Here's exactly what I'm doing...
    1. Create a new site in the basic "My Sites" directory
    2. Create a mew folder in the basic "My Sites" directory
    3. Drag & Drop the new site into the new folder.
    4. When the mouse pointer is over the folder icon, the folder icon becomes highlighted. However, when the mouse button is let go, nothing happens. The site isn't moved to the folder. Could this be a permissions issue?
  2. I believe I'm using GTK+2. Are there toolkits where pressing the letter of the dropdown option will select it? Do you have this functionality in your version?

comment:3 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

3) I was able to reproduce the problem in 3.0.8 running on FreeBSD. So guess this bug is in as well. Update to latest version, which is as of this writing - the bug has been fixed already.

4) No, I do not have this functionality here on FreeBSD using GTK+. And I never tried to use wxWidgets with another toolkit. You can of course compile wxWidgets yourself and tell it to use another toolkit. Maybe it works. If you get it working, please report back, thanks.

To me it seems as if all your issues have been solved. Is this the case?

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