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Lockstep Folder Navigation

Reported by: soapergem Owned by: Alexander Schuch
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GlobalSCAPE CuteFTP has a feature called "Lockstep Folder Navigation" that I would love to see implemented in FileZilla as well. When you navigate to a folder in one pane, the program automatically navigates to the equivalent location in the other pane. I'll give an example to explain better:

You connect to a server. The left-hand pane (your local machine) is showing "C:\Website". The right-hand pane displays the contents of the server, "/". Suppose that both contain a folder called "images." You double-click on the images folder in the left-hand pane, opening it, so now the left-hand pane shows "C:\Website\images". With lockstep navigation, the right-hand pane would then automatically navigate to "/images/", without requiring the user to click on the images folder in this pane.

In other words, it would detect that you navigated to a folder in one pane that has an equivalent in the other pane, and accordingly would open both. Similarly, if you were to double-click on the ".." folder in the right pane at this point, it would move up by one directory in both panes.

This is a time-saving, convenience feature--it's not a bug fix or anything critical--but it really is fantastic, and I hope to see it in future versions of FileZilla.

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comment:1 by buhrietoe, 16 years ago

I second this. I came here to request the same to find out it has already been requested.

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

This feature has been requested already, deleting this RFE. Please see the following item for details:
[ 1052205 ] simultaneous folder-change (directory "follow me")

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