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LS only shows files with uid in /etc/passwd

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I use winbind on an SFTP server, which uses the
standard nsswitch.conf and associated libraries (so
this problem is likely to be seen with NIS or similar
services). If I use SFTP on a linux commandline or if
I use PSFTP in DOS, I see these files. But FileZilla
ignores these files. It's probably because it doesn't
look up the user/group name with the standard unix
utility getent (or with similar unix calls). All other
unix utilities I've used do this lookup.

This appears to be a bigger issue than winbind. If a
server uses NIS or something else (with settings in
nsswitch.conf), this will probably fail.

I suggest, rather than reading /etc/passwd, do 'getent
passwd' or a similar unix call. Same with groups. I
don't know if the code does this but I assume it does
based on the behavior.


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comment:1 by cdevidal, 21 years ago

Nevermind, even though I downloaded it just days ago, I got
v1.9.9. Weird. It was fixed some time after that, because
I got 2.1.5 and all's well.

Perhaps I got an old version from Anyway.
Great program!

comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 21 years ago

Yes, does not list the current version of
FileZilla. The reason is very simple: Unless you pay a lot of
money, you can't add or change already existing program
listings on
I did submit FileZilla when was still free but
now I'm unable to update it.

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