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UTF-8 support

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Currently apparently Filezilla has no consern for the encoding of filenames. So, if you are on Windows and you FTP into a more current distros of Unix the filenames sent to Windows will be in UTF-8. Because Filezilla does nothing to the filenames it will pass them to Windows directly even though Windows is expecting some other encoding.

This makes it nearly impossible to use filezilla for any filename that is not Ascii (ie, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, ...)

The solution is

1) add a setting for server's filename encoding in preferences with at least the setting of UTF-8 as an option (other encodings might be nice) (should be the default?)

2) When receiving a filename from the server, immediately call MultiByteToWideChar to convert the string from whatever encoding to UTF-16. (That means all strings in FileZilla will need to be widechar strings)

3) Call the correct Windows API functions, CreateFileW, FindFirstFilenameW etc using the widechar strings

4) Before sending any filename to the server call WideCharToMultiByte to convert the filename into the format the server expects.

This will make FillZilla work with international filenames.

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

FileZilla is already fully UTF-8 capable, any other character set violates the FTP specifications.

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