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MENU: Configureable admin commands

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it would be great to add a menu with pre-configured site commands for simple administrative tasks, which could popup the user for input...

menu item: add->user

would pop up for example an input box with description "Please input user name! ie. john" and an editbox where the user could input that (let's say "user1" in this example),

and then another box for "Allowed IPS" +editbox where user could fill "".

and then filezilla would send "site adduser user1" to the remote server

of course this would require some kind of file that holds the menu items..

something like

command=site adduser $1 $2
1.desc=Please input user name!\nie. john
2.desc=Allowed IPs:\nie.

or whatever, best to keep it simple so people can make their own commands


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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

I do not think that commands like that are standardised, which means that each FTP server can come up with own names for such commands, if available at all. So at least a list of predefined commands is unlikely to ship with FileZilla.

But then again, those commands seem to not be needed very often. I just cannot imagine that an admin is permanently adding/removing user account or IPs to some kind of allow/disallow list.

comment:2 by zukex1, 16 years ago

site command based user adding is used all the time for ftp servers such as wzdftpd, glftpd, ioftpd and drftpd - all of them handle all of their administration through site commands. And they are not the only ones.

And yes, the syntax for the site commands do differ, which is why they should be loaded from some kind of sitemenu.conf so that users can add their own commands and distribute their command sets.

comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

Rejected. Eventually you'll be able to do something like this with the scripting engine which will be implemented in FileZilla in the feature. No ETA yet though.

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