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The filezilla client may send NOOP command periodically to avoid server's timeout.

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comment:1 by arireads, 16 years ago

I join this request too. Filezilla2 had an option for this (if I remember correctly... it's been so long since I last booted windows :)

It would be great if fz3 can offer the same option. The servers I work with all time out after 10 minutes, which is a bit annoying when doing website work.


comment:2 by dottedline, 16 years ago

This the single most frustrating thing with the new FileZilla. FZ 2.x did not let the connection die every other minute of idling - these constant timeouts in 3.x are wearing my patience down fast...

I would be very happy if this issue was resolved. Thanks for your time and effort!

comment:3 by larsen255, 16 years ago


comment:4 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

This feature has been implemented. Please update to the most
recent version of FileZilla.

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