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Associate Local and Server Directories

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I'd like the option to associate a local directory with a server directory, and have that association maintained automatically by the FileZilla client.

For example, I could associate my local directory "W:\web\foo\root" with the server directory "/user1234/main". Then, when I change my local directory to "W:\web\foo\root\src\frotz", the server directory would automatically switch to "/user1234/main/src/frotz" as well.

For this option to be complete, the pairing could be either recursive or non-recursive.

Deeper (more specific) associations should override shallower associations. For example:

C:\a\b\q ==> /x/y/q
C:\a\b\q\r\s ==> /x/y/z/s

would define a set of pairings such that the s directory pairing would override the pairing that would otherwise have been specified in the first line.

Of course, for a simpler first implementation, having a single recursive association per site would be sufficient for 99.9% of the cases.

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comment:1 by hollasch, 16 years ago

Duplicate of at least one other feature request.

comment:2 by hollasch, 16 years ago

D'oh! Duplicate of 1052205. Sorry.

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