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Thumbnail View in Local Site & Online data

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Priority: high Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: W7


People who use FZ Client for transfering jpeg's strongly feel the necessity of thumbnail display in the local site side at least if not in both panels(local and remote)

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comment:1 by Zorph, 15 years ago

Any word on the progress of thumbnail display?

comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

Just give your files a meaningful filename.

in reply to:  2 comment:3 by Zorph, 15 years ago

Replying to codesquid:

Just give your files a meaningful filename.

Well naturally that would help, but that gets very tedious when one has a massive amount of digital photos from which they want to upload.

Are you saying this feature is not being worked on?

comment:4 by Jon, 15 years ago

Summary: Thumbnail View in Local SiteThumbnail View in Local Site & Online data

I agree this would be more than useful - more a godsend!
I manage an estore with 1600 products and have the daunting task of going through those image files and searching out 20 or so redundant files by their (meaningful) filenames in a "full-size image" folder and also the thumbnails.
It would be so much easier if i could just scroll through the images, rather than peer at the names like a pensioner reading the paper by candlelight :)

comment:5 by Christopher Smitley, 14 years ago

I registered on here just to comment on the thumbnail feature...I use a lot of Joomla based templates and have to rifle through the images and figure out whats what...


comment:6 by Sheryl - Rane, 14 years ago

Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: XP

PictView plugin as Altap Salamander 2.5+ uses would be extremely helpful. Especially since it shows thumbs of photoshop (psd) and raw files (such as NEF) as well.
Generally, filenames and details is the best method. But once in a while, a quick visualization is a necessity. Especially when comparing directories with many image files, or when selecting a few scattered images amongst a directory of hundreds.

My work around is to open Adobe Bridge. Select the few that needed to be ftp'd for a bug report, copy them into another temp directory, group them into subfolders, then upload those folders, then finally, delete the temp directory.
Had I used Salamander instead of FileZilla, I simply could have switched to thumbnail view, selected and uploaded each image set into its folder, and been done. Switch back to detail view.
In this case, the file names made sense for the original purpose, (based on webpage useage) but to select this odd group in a filename list, the numbers in the filenames were unwieldy and had too much overlap to be useful here. Plus each image had NEF, JPG,and xmp versions as well as and multiple sizes.
My method worked fine, but required software others won't have. These steps are not well suited for a casual uploader/photographer. These days, everyone shoots and uploads mounds of digital photos. And those generated photo filenames are unwieldy for most.
To look at a directory and See what the files are is natural.

Also, What method would you suggest for giving a meaningful name to each digital image? Renaming all Digital files to Fully and Acurately describe their content is a near-impossible, nightmarish project (a picture = a thousand words - can u really describe an entire photo, distinguishing it from all others using worrds? consisely? If so, how do u name the edited versions, and the resized versions, and are these filenames really practical in other apps? ), If they are description-based should "grandad" or "bestfriend" or "hawaii" or "birthday" Always come first in the filename? How do u find All bestfriend photos if sometimes 2 or 3 words come before it (birthdayHawaiiGrandadBestfriend)? How could u posibly archive that method of filenaming? Oh, and how time-consuming. People would quite shooting at this point.(hey, give it back to the pros..).
If archived numerically, filenames have limited value in reflecting content. How much scrolling back and forth is needed to see the relevant portion of the filename? And if they are further renamed sequentially for appearing in an orderly manner on a website, you've lost both date/picNum archiving order, and content description sorting order.
Also some file names cannot be changed..webpages, and databases Break!

So, yes, there are things we can do, but a natural feeling, clean, simple solution that Anyone can use -All-in-One- is a great goal.

FileZilla Rocks!


comment:7 by Peter, 12 years ago

Operating system version: XPW7
Priority: normalhigh

This is the main reason behind the success of WS-FTP Pro. I don't understand why Filezilla doesn't give this feature more attention.

@Codesquid: "Just give your files a meaningful filename." Is one of the most user-unfriendly replies I've seen since WS-FTP's "Just type a little faster next time" after a time-out. I guess it's a FTP company thing to discard user feedback and mock them when they try to help out.

Having a thumbnail view in a FTP program is extremely useful for those with large chunks of images in there folders. Just like it's handy to have in windows explorer.

comment:8 by Gdan, 12 years ago

I really hope they never do this, and at best do it as a option you need to select.

In order to do what you are asking the software would have to transfer the contents of every directory you go to when you navigate to it, so it could have the contents in order to generate the thumbnail.

Your better option would be to keep a local copy of your site on your computer, so you can browse as you need. FTP, by it's name (File Transfer Protocol) is designed strictly for sending and receiving files.

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