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UTF8 on/off switch

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Is there a posibility to make a checkbox in server interface to disable UTF8 FTP feature?
In the FileZillaPV project UTF8 is default off, but it's switched to UTF8 by Windows Explorer :(
I has troubles with UTF8 cyrillic filenames on NT4 Server (English) and I think that it's possible that other users of english versions of Windows have such troubles.
On s/w that don't use UTF8 mode (for ex., Total Commander) all is ok (I use server exe from FileZillaPV project).

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago


Not using UTF-8 is in violation to the FTP specifications.

FTP has been designed to be used for use with 7-bit US-ASCII in mind. That got later extended to UTF-8 in RFC 2640. Every other encoding is NOT specified and subject to negotiation by the client.
That said, every non-UTF-8 aware client can at any time send the OPTS UTF8 OFF command to disable UTF-8 for the current connection.

If you depend on a client that does not support UTF8 properly, please contact its vendor and demand a fix.

comment:2 by nitr0man, 17 years ago

I don't depend on a client, I depend on a server :(
FileZilla Server + Windows NT4 (English) can't correctly parse UTF8 file names. When I tried to download file with UTF8 characters in the filename, I've got "File not found" errors.
I've posted this feature as a workaround for this problem (

comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

That's most likely a limitation of NT4. Have you considered upgrading to a more modern operating system?

comment:4 by nitr0man, 17 years ago

There is a some reasons to use NT4 - it's a hardware limitations (64M RAM and 850MHz CPU). It's home server/router.

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