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scroll wheel should scroll the window hovered

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Scroll wheel should scroll the window hovered and not
the window currently selected/active.

For example the cursor is above the directory listing
but the path drop down is selected - using the scroll
wheel should now scroll the directory listing and not
the path drop down.

I think this would be the intended behavior - mouse
should always act where it is positioned and not on the
element with the current focus.

But i don't request to auto-switch the focus to the
mouse hovered window. Focus should stay where it is.

A good example is the textarea form element handled in
Firefox, scrolling the textarea or the window depends
on the position of the mouse cursor and not if the text
cursor is in the textarea or not.

And thanks for a great piece of software!

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 18 years ago

Rejected. FileZilla follows the design of the operating
system. Under Windows, mousewheel scroll applies only to the
window which currently has the focus.

comment:2 by cybot_tm, 18 years ago

"Under Windows, mousewheel scroll applies only to the window
which currently has the focus."

this is not right ... Windows itself behaves very
differently, f. e. XP Control Panel -> Software: it scrolls
only this window (left menu or right item list) where the
mouse cursor is hovering (possible you need to resize this
window to let scrollbars appear in both windows) - whether
the focus is on the left or right window or even the buttons
below the right window

The behavior you describe is very outdated. and even
Microsoft self does not follow this 'Windows behavior'
anymore as you describe it.

And most application i use behave the also the way to scroll
the hovered regardless of the selected element (Firefox,
Thunderbird, Eclipse, Miranda IM,, Opera, IE,

And last but not least it is just logical that an action
activated by the mouse is applied the the element beneath
the cursor and not some element last clicked on or auto

comment:3 by cybot_tm, 17 years ago

you are not right with "Under Windows, mousewheel scroll applies only to the
window which currently has the focus." (at least if you not designed FileZilla to be only used on Win9x ...)

not only Microsoft has changed his GUI Guideline from 'focused' to 'hovered' elements that should be scrolled when the mouse scroll wheel is used (search scrollwheel)

comment:4 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Too complicated to remodel UI behaviour in a different way than the operating system governs.

comment:5 by cybot_tm, 17 years ago

sorry to bother again, but having this feature would really really really much more user friendly

look at "Mouse wheel"

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