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Limit failed login attempts

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Server
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Since I have been using Filezilla I have noticed users
attempting to login to my computer. Is there a way to
limit failed login attempts?

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comment:1 by wally65, 18 years ago

Yes - This would be very helpful. A feature that
blocks/bans an IP after x number of failed login attempts.

comment:2 by ruiner808, 18 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree. I have this same problem quite often
and this feature would be fantastic. Everything else about
Filezilla is great! Keep up the good job guys!

comment:3 by outland999, 18 years ago

This FR is a must for every FTP Server.
The priority should be increase to 2 or 1 !!!

comment:4 by nicecherub, 18 years ago

It is a fantastics function for filezilla. Furthermore, a
notification for blocked login via Email is worth to
implement with this enhancement too.

comment:5 by ascendant512, 17 years ago

I see this problem very often. I have circumvented it by changing usernames from any that I see tried by people, but that is only stopgap. Sometimes a dictionary attacker can cause the log file to exceed its size and start cutting off the top. This is simply ridiculous. We need a login limit, it's as simple as that. This request should get a much higher priority.

comment:6 by outland999, 17 years ago

version 0.9.23 finally address this feature request !

"Add basic autoban implementation for the paranoid server admins".

Thank you !

comment:7 by nicecherub, 17 years ago

Excellent. Thank you very much.

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