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"open directory in Explorer" in menu popup

Reported by: quatermass2 Owned by: Alexander Schuch
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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When I'm trawling through my local file window in
FileZilla client 2.2.18.

I often find myself wishing to open a file's target
directory or even the selected directory in Explorer.

But there appears to be no way to do so.

Therefore I've got to find this directory or file via
Explorer and trawl through the directories *again*
which can take an age!

This inability of FileZilla to do this, just makes me
and no doubt hundreds of others irated. :-)

But why not save thousands of users grief and add a
wee icon or an extra Menu line to do a 'open
Container' command on a file or directory right into
Explorer please?

Can't be hard to do surely?

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

Local files can be opened by the default file handler already, using the "Open" item in the popup. Local directories however cannot yet be opened in an external file manager like Windows Explorer. This feature was requested again in the following item:
[ 1846318 ] Shell to external file manager

Closing this RFE.

If you mean something not covered by my statement/the linked RFE with "open container command", please re-open this RFE. Thanks!

comment:2 by John, 15 years ago

Cc: John added
Status: closedreopened

While 'Open' does show up in context menus in the lower local pane (the one used to select a file), it does NOT show up in the upper local pane's context menu, the one with the words, 'Local site:'.

Adding this item to the upper context menu would be handy to have if you are at the end of a directory structure, with only files (no folders) showing up in the lower pane. Presumably you could reuse the code, thus be a hero without breaking a sweat!

Also 'Open' does not show up in the lower pane, if you are right-clicking the '..' (i.e., the 'move up one folder') icon. Some folks might like this too.

Thanks for the great program!

comment:3 by Daedalon, 9 years ago

Not sure if I understood ci-dev's response from 7 years ago, but latest FileZilla (3.10.2) doesn't have the option for "Open directory in Explorer" in the Local site panel. This feature is already in most programs. For example Firefox's Downloads Library has "Open Containing Folder" available for every item.

A typical use case is wanting to be able to perform a local operation like searching. For example a user might have FileZilla's Local site displaying the directory C:\Users\Me\Documents\Websites\Site1\www\wp-content\plugins\ and he or she wants to search the subdirectory "myplugin".

Being able to search for files should require two steps:

  1. Right-click the "myplugin" folder and choose "Open directory in Explorer"
  2. Use the search box of the newly opened Windows Explorer window.

Currently it takes this many steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer (e.g. by pressing Windows-E)
  2. Click Libraries > Documents
  3. Double-click Websites
  4. Double-click Site1
  5. Double-click www
  6. Double-click wp-content
  7. Double-click plugins
  8. Double-click myplugin
  9. Type your search in the search box.

FileZilla already has a shortcut for "Create a directory and enter it", which is occasionally handy. I believe FileZilla also deserves a shortcut for "Open directory in Explorer".

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