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simultaeneous download through different computers

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feature: simultaneous split download through multiple
clients from multiple machines

Description: i wanted to request something like this: say..
two filzilla clients A and B in entirely different
connect themselves.. then when a user from A or B gives a
file to download, one section of the file is downloaded
by A
and other section by B. this gives rise to distributed
downloading of the same file (starting from different file
offsets) so that the overall speed is faster. the user from
A or B then can meet physically and get the missing parts
from each other.both user A and B have to download less per

of course.. there is no need to be two users.. one user
two computers can manage... and also.. should be able to
handle around 10 connections(not only two computers)
from 10
different computers, each downloading only part of the file
on the FTP server .the connection between the two ftp
clients is used to keep it ordered so that there is no
repeated downloading of even a single byte from the file
from either A or B. maintaining 10 connection may be
but.. say.. a custom named irc channel (made
temporarily for
the 'talks' between the 10 computers) can be utilised for
keeping alll the 10 computers in sync( to know which client
is downloading which part of file..)

i think this is very important for people .. with this
feature.. user can download a 700mb file by utilising two
separate connections, eg: office and home (office can
download 350 and home another 350)

i dont think many people will comprehend this feature
but.. :->

Thanks in advance, FiRE

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