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MDTM implementation

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Server
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Quote from codesquid from an earlier bug report

MDTM cannot be used to set file timestamps.

Example: MDTM 20050726131800 foobar
What does this command do? Set timestamp for the file
'foobar' or get timestamp for the file '20050726131800
Due to this conflict, MDTM should only be used to get

This is a feature that I badly need and have been
assured that many other FTP Servers do implement it.

Surely the ambiguity is only there if a file of that
name *does* exist. If not then can FZ not accept the
command as a request to update the timestamp?

In addition, the likelyhood of having such a filename
must be so remote that the default should be to update
file 'foobar' with what is a valid timestamp and only
if the file does not exist should FZ try to find a file
with name '20050726131800 foobar' and return its

Please could you re-consider, as this feature would
make the life of synchronization programs so much
simpler and more reliable.


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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 19 years ago

Sorry, but I don't plan to implement an unspecified and
potentially unsafe command extension. Please feel free to
design and formally specify a correct extension to the ftp

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