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Make a Secure FTP Server

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To the FZ Server's developer, while I am seeking more
free Secure FTP Server, they are just only in Linux
base platform :-(

For a Windows bae platform, no one do better than
FileZilla for the free FTP Server, but for nowadays,
all people need the more security fetuares, so I hope
the developer can make a FZ FTP Server build-in SSH2
like the Linux base FTP Server. Or SSL/ RSA etc
security fetuare :-)

Jimmy Chan
A greatful Photography web site :-)

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comment:1 by whyeye, 19 years ago

/me agrees

comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 19 years ago

Despite parts name, SFTP and FTP have nothing in common.
Also, SSH, on which SFTP is based, is a fairly complex
protocol so I have to rely on 3rd-party programs for SFTP. I
use PuTTY to handle the SFTP connections in the client.
Unfortunately I don't know any free SSH server which runs
under Windows, so I won't be able to create a SFTP server.

However, I'm working on a SSL/TLS version of FileZilla
Server, I think I can release it by the end of this month.

comment:3 by showergel, 19 years ago

SSL has been the only remaining feature I've needed in
FileZilla Server - I opted for Visnetic FTP (2 years ago
)instead of FZ and purchased their license just before
they shelved the product, never to be updated or supported
again. Best of all a license that expires in 04/2005 and no
way to renew!

I use Explicit SSL, Encryption on Data Channel by default,
and DISALLOW Non-SSL connections- if this functionality were
added, I'd gladly drop a contribution to FZ!

comment:4 by blueskyib, 18 years ago

I guess they are working on this feature. It seems like the
secure server partially works. I can create secure connection
(s) w/o any problem. However, if both server and client on the
same machine, everything works fine (I believe it should work
if the server and the client are on different machines of the
same LAN). If the server is on the Internet (not behind NAT or
anything) I could connect to the server but I would get a 425
cannot open data connection error.

I could see 2 connections made by the server with port 20
and 21 (I couldn’t get the 990 port working); however, one of
the connections was not correct. It was trying to connect to
the internal IP of the client, which is not reachable from the

Other thoughts? Anyone?

comment:5 by blueskyib, 18 years ago

didn't see codesquid's message till now. Go codesquid!

comment:6 by blueskyib, 18 years ago

tried the latest, and it worked GREAT! Thank you.

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