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DirSync Mirror

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1st of all I love File Zilla !
Courd be use full to have dirsync otion in the transfer
(i.e. remove filas that do not exist anymore in the
source dir from the source dir / make target dir content
identical to source dir content)


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comment:1 by richardjfoster, 19 years ago

Not wishing to be a "me too" type person... but this feature
is something I would find very useful.

It may also be appropriate (once the basic synchronization
is accomplished) to be able to create a set of files and/or
directories to ignore.

comment:2 by brownie2002, 19 years ago

First, FileZilla is great, I use it as webmaster (little
Second, in the same idea, it should be great to have
synchronization between local directory and ftp directory.
But, if we manage a mirror website, it would be wonderfull
to do a synchronization between FTP1, FTP2 and LOCAL

This is just an idea, I know this is not easy.

Thank you for this wonderfull program.


comment:3 by rickbeton, 19 years ago

This suggestion is similar to others:

and many others.

comment:4 by Alexander Schuch, 12 years ago

Component: OtherFileZilla Client

comment:5 by Alexander Schuch, 12 years ago

The issues now are:

  • #1827: rsync capability would be fantastic
  • #1787: File synchronization
  • #1936: website prune feature
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