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Allow to switch off or hide local view

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It would be a nice improvement if one could switch off
local view so that only remote view remains visible.

This is quite useful when using drag and drop with
Windows Explorer to upload and download files or when
just organizing files on the server.

Then, the local view is unnecessary and it would be
nice if it would be possible to switch it off
(including local tree view, of course).

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comment:1 by warhuhn, 19 years ago

I think too, that this would be a nice feature!

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 15 years ago

Component: UnknownFileZilla Client

comment:3 by David Kaufman, 15 years ago

Cc: david@… added

Me too! I never use the local file view. I currently have it resized to the smallest width possible. Most of the time I browse remote files and edit them "in place".

On those occasions when I do want to upload from (or download to) a specific local folder I normally already have that folder open in a Windows Explorer and find it much more intuitive to drag and drop files and folders between the Windows Explorer and the (remote folders in) the FTP client, and when doing that, having some unwanted local folders showing as well in the FTP client just makes the drag-drop operations somewhat awkward and introduces the possibility of an error or "missdrop".

Please add a checkbox next to "Swap local and remote panes" that says "Hide Local pane" or give me an "X" in its upper right corner to close it (so it doesn't come back) or something.

This is one a major annoyance for me after switching to FZ from FP Voyager.

Thanks for the great product!

comment:4 by phalanger, 14 years ago

This is my biggest issue with FileZilla. There is no need for this when using explorer drag and drop. This local listing just makes it too cluttered and takes valuable screen space. Please add an option to hide it and allow the program to appear with the KISS concept. I'm sure this is a very quick fix.

comment:5 by Drew, 14 years ago

So this was request in 2005 and it's now 2010. I know only 5 people have posted here so far, but I also use Windows Explorer and Filezilla exclusively for FTP. I don't think it would be that hard to include a toggle under the View menu for "Local site".

comment:6 by Conners, 13 years ago

I just want to add my agreement to this feature. I find drag and drop much more useful in my workflow and would really welcome an option for this on the days that I'm working on a Windows system (I'm often on OS X at the office)

comment:7 by marcus, 13 years ago

I'd also really like to see this implemented. Really annoys me having it there wasting space.

comment:8 by Nicholas Strong, 12 years ago

I can't believe this feature request is 7 years old and hasn't been implemented yet! This is probably the one and only issue that I dislike about FileZilla!

I always hide the Local explorer tree and then re-size the Local directory viewer to the minimum size. Local file viewing is entirely unnecessary when you use the Explorer extension (drag and drop between Windows desktop and the FileZilla application).

This is especially an issue for computers with smaller resolutions (netbooks, tablets), which need to maximize screen real-estate.

I think the devs might just prefer to use the Local windows within the app, themselves. But come on - good app design isn't about forcing people to use what you think they should use. It's about giving them the options to set it up however they want. If they want it, great. If they don't want it, that's also great. Give the user the options, then no one feels left out.

comment:9 by nifty, 12 years ago

Summary: Allow to switch off local viewAllow to switch off or hide local view


(it's difficult to find this feature request because in american english, one would normally use the phrase "hide" not "switch off")

comment:10 by Anton, 12 years ago

Cc: antitoxic@… added

+1 Would be fantastic!

comment:11 by flux3000, 12 years ago

+1 - though it seems like this may be a fruitless effort considering how long it's been sitting here!

This is the sole annoyance of FZ - the inability to really customize the windows. I really dislike using the local site, it's so much easier to drag and drop from windows explorer. It may seem inconsequential to some developers but when you're in the throes of developing, these little things make a big difference to one's sanity.


comment:13 by TheSlider, 11 years ago

I was using FileZilla 2.2.22 until now and i could slide the "Local site" pane to hide it completely. I've upgraded to the last but now, the Local site pane doesn't slide completely to the left so i can't hide it anymore which means i have all my drives listed for no reason and taking unnecessary space...

Local Site . .| Distant Site . . .
ico A: . . . .| . . . . . .
ico C: (WINDOW| . . . . .
ico D: . . . .| . . . .
ico E: . . . .| . . .
ico F: . . . .|
ico G: . . . .|
ico I: . . . .|
ico J: . . . .|

9 years and still managed to make it worse ...

comment:14 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

Resolution: duplicate
Status: newclosed

A patch has been provided in #8411. I do not know if it will be accepted, so if anyone likes to take care of that patch and port it to current version of FileZilla, you are welcome!

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