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drag and drop

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I've read through the last 100 or so feature requests,
and this hasn't popped up, (though I imagine it has
been requested before). This would be a great feature
for us windows users, as it allows us to forget about
the local tree view and use explorer (from run) to find
the directory listings were interested in. Although
the most recent versions have enabled drag and drop
into filezilla, this is only really half way effective,
(as again, it does not remove the necesity of the local
tree view).

I love the program, and use it, but this is the
sticking point for many other users in my communities.

I've told them that one of my favorite filezilla
features is the involvement of the developers, and the
community. Thanks, I hope I can see this implemented
in FZ3!. I'm dying to see it released.



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comment:1 by tomten1974, 19 years ago

Drag'ndrop should work both ways. This is what’s keeping me
from kicking Smartftp. Otherwise Filezilla is pure Gravy!

comment:2 by aconbere, 19 years ago

I've now read the forums since I posted this (supper
impressed with the almost daily update on the status of
codesquid's next big filezilla installment)

you can find them here

he's currently working on a Filezilla 3, which would dump
the old ftp code, and UI that were limitations to what we
have now in FZ2. He's rewriting everything and adding alot
of features including but certainly not limited to drag and
drop both ways.

Waiting at the edge of my seat for FZ3,

comment:3 by denisq, 19 years ago

drag and drop from inside to outside FZ AND a
Desktop-Level!!! It's very important for windows-user!!!!

comment:4 by aconbere, 19 years ago

it will be working both ways in filezilla 3

check out the home page of filezilla and the forums for more


comment:5 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

Drag and drop should work from FileZilla 3 (beta) to the Windows desktop (and other directories) and from outside FileZilla into FileZilla (local and remote). If it doesn't work on Windows, consider it a bug and file a bug report if none is there already.

Drag and drop for non-Windows platforms is partially working as well, but not all ways are supported yet.

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