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Network Neighborhood not available

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Under XP I can not see my Network Neighborhood which
would be useful for downloading large amount of files.

I use the Network Neighborhood to have automatically
mounted dirs and which are not required to associate
with a Dir-Name.

Frankly said, don't know if it's a Feature Request or a

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comment:1 by kingthorin, 20 years ago

Can't you juse use
systemname to map to?



comment:2 by leo_forge, 20 years ago

Sorry, I do not understand your question.

If I have mapped eg
BobSystem\Share to drive F: then
obviously the content is seen. In 'Local Site'-Window I see the
'F:' BUT I can not see the shared name, e.g.
'BobSystem\Share (F:)' this was my Request under the Bugs

If I have mapped above example to my Network Neighborhood
I can not see it in the window and therefore have no access
to it. Compared with the normal Browser when everything is
collapsed, I could see 'Workplace' but NOT 'Network
Neighborhood', 'Private files' and 'trashcan' [which I wouldn't
treat as useful place].

So, frankly said do not know if this is a Feature Request or a

comment:3 by rubempech, 20 years ago

We should not need to map drives (F:, G:, H:, etc.) for local
networks. FileZilla should have the ability to access the whole
LAN directly. Another way to put this: the root object in the
left treeview should be Desktop (which contains Network
Neighborhood) instead of My Computer.

comment:4 by terranrich, 17 years ago

Are you serious??? How can FileZilla be "the best in the world" when it doesn't even support a simple feature like network drives? For over THREE YEARS this has not been addressed. This program was a waste of my time and I am extremely disappointed in FileZilla for not allowed me to browse network drives. This must be a joke. Three years and nothing. I can't even drag files outside of FZ to Explorer either. What a waste.

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Will be implemented in FileZilla 3.

terranrich, if you need that feature so much, why didn't you download the source and just add it? Or isn't it quite as simple as you claim?

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