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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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hi, first off would like to say excellent work on this great
program, so far it is the only ftp client i have used that
doesnt constantly crash. The miles of code in this are

I do have a few small requests i'd like to add for maybe
future versions (tried to find the code to fix myself and
failed...newbie c++ user)

  1. Have an option that lets you choose double click on

file action (ie: transfer, execute, or view file)

  1. Option to switch/position Transfer, Dir, and Status

window placement (ie: status at bottom, files/dirs at top,
qeue in the middle etc)

  1. On successful connection auto fill-in the quick

connect with current server values (maybe only if quick
connect fields are empty)

  1. Have the list on the left in the options dialog full

length and place the buttons at the bottom, in horizontal
position, relative to right frame (this is just personal
preference and not important)

  1. Transfer and connection settings should all be per


  1. Tooltips on the toolbar buttons?, in case statusbar is


  1. Scheduled uploads and downloads would be a great

addition! :)

Again i say thankyou for the time you have put into this
and for providing it to us for free, this is potentialy the
best ftp client i have used yet

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

1) Please see the following item: [ 1793879 ] Configuring double-click action

6) The toolbar shows tooltips now.

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