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a simple bookmark for the folders on the remote site!

instead of navigating to
/usr/local/stupid/app/lib/config each time I connect I
should have a small drop down with the bookmarks.

Bonus: Options so the bookmarks can receive a
meaninfull title to be displayed or display the whole
ugly path. In title mode mouse over should give the
full URL as tooltip

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comment:1 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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This features is very useful... It would also be implemented
for the local folders....

in FlashFXP, it is possible to define bookmark on local
folder and on remote folder... very useful, it prevent to
always navigate in his folder ...

comment:2 by contact2oli, 17 years ago

Bookmark as in FlashFXP are very useful.

I talk about bookmark on the local folder.
I usually save my sites in a specific folder on my computer.
It's very useful when we can choose this folder via a
bookmark (and not spent time to search on his computer after
this folder) => one click and we are in....

Should be added in FileZila to improve its userfriendly side.

comment:3 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

This simple bookmark system is implemented in FileZilla 3 (beta) already. Using the site manager, a per-site local and remote directory can be defined, to which FileZilla will switch when connecting to the site.

For having more than one bookmark directory per server, see:
[ 635145 ] site bookmarks

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