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Automatic subdirectory support

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I think a really killer feature would be to add a
Dreamweaver-like automatic subdirectory support.

Dreamweaver allows you to view the content under the
site root in a tree-view fashion. When you choose to
upload a file, it automatically uploads the file in
the corresponding directory in the remote site
directory hierarchy.

I'm telling this because I'm dealing mainly with
applications. I upload lots of asp, php and java files
but don't need Dreamweaver editing features. I'm
almost forced to use it because no other app I know
supports it. I think FileZilla offering that could be
a real killer app.

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comment:1 by anonymous, 22 years ago

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I second this suggestion; Dreamweaver's site manager has
that unique feature that streamlines a lot of constant file-
uploading that we go through during development and
maintenance of a website.

comment:2 by booboobird, 21 years ago

I'd like to call it "Folder Syncronization".

Currently CuteFTP PRO seemed to be the only FTP client that
supports this feature. I think this functionality would be
very beneficial.

There is a freeware folder syncronization tool "ViceVersa"
which works only on local or network mapped drives (see ). It also provides several different
modes of syncronization. An FTP client with similar
functionality is mostly desired.

comment:3 by booboobird, 21 years ago

I just found a duplicate of this request that exactly named
"folder syncronization" :)

request number 542703

comment:4 by bigredlinux, 20 years ago

This feature would really set filezilla apart. The way I
would imagine it would be implemented is that you would
"lock" a directory to a remote directory as your
syncronization root. At that point, the program can assume
that opening a local folder will automatically open the
remote folder in the same place. I waste most of my time
trying to get the local and remote lists on the same
directory so that I can issue the uploads.

comment:5 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

I am not really sure I truely understand what you mean, but can you check the following feature requests and close this item if your idea is covered by the following requests?

[ 528956 ] Compare remote and local directories
[ 542703 ] Folder Synchronization
[ 1052205 ] simultaneous folder-change (directory "follow me")

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