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Use more than one ftp proxy

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I work for more than one customer and I have to use a
different ftp proxy for each one. Is is really boring
and prone to mistakes changing the settings each time.
The ability to use a differnt proxy for each
connection would be usefull in my case. If the effort
is small and enough people are interested it would be
a nice inprovement :-)

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comment:1 by kproth, 21 years ago

ideally, this would be implemented by defining one or more
FTP proxies in a separate area, and then assigning specific
sites in the site manager to use one of the preconfigured FTP
proxies. This way, if/when you have to change the proxy
password, you only have to do so in one place.

comment:2 by anonymous, 21 years ago

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Hmm, sounds interesting only I've never seen it
anywhere. So I'm afraid not many people have ever
wanted it.
Maybe a workaround would be to install FileZilla a few
times, if this is possible? Or if that doesn't work install
more other FTP-clients each with it's own settings.
(sorry for even suggesting installing something else
then FileZilla, but if it works, it works :-)
I don't mind it being implemented, but some other
new / better features I like more. :-)

comment:3 by zilch_zero, 20 years ago

I think the title to this may be a little misleading, but what I
think the requestor is asking for is a "Per Site" proxy/socks

A single proxy/SOCKS setting is fine for if I am using it to
connect to servers on the Internet, but not so for use inside
complex network environments.

Per site proxy settings are essential for use in any larger
corporation, or supporting multi-client environments. For
example, I work for an outsourcing company and to connect
to client A, I need to use SOCKS server a, and to connect to
client B, I need to use SOCKS server b, and so on. In order
to use FileZilla for this, (and it is the ideal client other than
this one problem!) every time I connect to a different site I
have to go to the settings and manually change the firewall

Note: This is currently how I connect via SSH using PuTTY.
For each connection I define in PuTTY, I can set the SOCKS
server (and SOCKS userid/password).

In summary - please please please consider adding this as the
client is great other than this. (I read that the site manager
was getting a make-over at some stage so maybe this could
be part of that?)

If I misunderstand the original requestors intent, please set
me straight and I will create a separate feature request.


comment:4 by kproth, 20 years ago

One more followup.

I suspect the original poster may have meant that he works
AT different customer sites, and each customer's network
works differently (each may have a different kind of proxy).

Consider if the poster uses a laptop, and wants to connect to
the SAME FTP site from each of those different customer

In that case, the ideal setup would be to configure multiple
FTP firewall/proxy settings (each saved with its own name).
Think a "connection settings manager" (in addition to the
existing site manager).

Then, you can do two things. You could tie a proxy setting to
an FTP site (if you always need to connect through a
particular proxy to that site). This is what most comments
below have already suggested.

OR, you could set your FTP site(s) to use your "<current>
default firewall setting" (which is really how it works today),
but the new functionality would be that the user can choose
their current default from a drop-down list of configured
firewalls/proxies. This way, it's easy to change your current
connection setting, and have it apply to all appropriate FTP
sites, without having to remember and retype your password
and settings all the time.

  • Kevin

comment:5 by cfmsoft, 20 years ago

Ok. Let's clarify things.
When I first posted this I was working in a company where I
had 3 firewalls, one for general internet access, another to
connect to customer A and a third to connect to customer B.
Since I was maintaining code for both customers it was not
unusual to be working on a new feature for A and be
interrupted by a call from B reporting a bug to be corrected
The approach of having filezilla installed (aka copied) in
several folders is a good one though! thanks!
Now I am not working there anymore as I was offered a
better position by customer A, where there is no ftp proxy, in
fact there is no ftp to hosts outside the core network period.
So now my needs are a bit more esoteric :) but probably also
more common: sometimes I need to copy files from one
machine to another, neither beeing my PC...
As there were so few comments over a year I propose closing
this as not worth the effort for now.

comment:6 by zilch_zero, 20 years ago

Ok. Obviously I am a little off track from the original request,
since in my case most ftp sites require a different SOCKS
server, installing multiple copies isn't really practical. Maybe
close off this request, and I'll open a new one for per-site
firewall settings.


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