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move files within remote area

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It would be nice if has feature to move files on
current directory view to any folder that visible or
to parent directory by dragging selected file and drop
over directory name or icon...

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comment:1 by lefance, 22 years ago

Actually, it's a simple rename command.

Here are some examples.
a) Move "aaaaa" to upper directory
-> rename "aaaaa" to "../aaaaa"
b) Move "aaaaa" to directory "bbbbb"
-> rename "aaaaa" to "bbbbb/aaaaa"

But FZ doesn't support it. (1.9.5)
And using "/" character is restricted in rename window.

comment:2 by midori3, 21 years ago

yes, the file move is a very simple to implement feature, but
very usefull


comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 21 years ago

It sounds like file moving is simple because it is just a simple
command (on the server side), but it's quite complex for

  • Moving files or folders? Folders may require special

attention on certain server. In those cases, recurse into
subdirs, create new directory, move all files and delete old
-Update directory cache, this is especially complex when
moving directories

comment:4 by midori3, 21 years ago

Just let begin implementing file move...

comment:5 by anonymous, 21 years ago

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Great program, but I cannot believe it still does not have a Move command as requested above and numerous times before.

The only thing I use ftp for is administering a website, and Move is essential for rearranging files on the remote server.

comment:7 by ryanaligen, 21 years ago

Why is it complex? The commands are simple:

RNFR - rename from
RNTO - rename to

See here:

comment:8 by vexcom, 20 years ago

same as 556790

comment:9 by rubempech, 20 years ago

This is probably THE most useful feature that's missing in
FileZilla and the only one that keeps me switching to other
apps. IMHO it should be given HIGH priority! Please consider
this. Thanks!

comment:10 by isaacg, 20 years ago

Its inconceivable that FileZilla doesn't support this. And its
not like you can do it by typing in an ftp command as FileZilla
has no way to do that either! Pretty please!

comment:11 by Tim Kosse, 20 years ago

You can enter ftp commands, right-click the message log and
choose "Enter command" or chose this item from the server
menu. This does not work for SFTP server, though.

comment:12 by isaacg, 20 years ago

Well I have to use SFTP, so that doesn't help me any :( It
would seem to be a better idea to have enter command as a
menu bar item or in the remote window right click. i never
thought to try the log and i've used lots of ftp programs.

comment:13 by Tim Kosse, 20 years ago

Implemented in 2.2.3

comment:14 by Tim Kosse, 20 years ago

Implemented in 2.2.3

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