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Queue inverse file sort order

Reported by: nalim27 Owned by: Alexander Schuch
Priority: low Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Cc: nalim27, Alexander Schuch
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Bug is exists in Filezilla version -

If you put into queue whole directory from FTP server then files are added in inverse filename order.
For example:
Server directory My_dir have files like:

And if you put whole directory to queue (not by select all files and put to queue, but goto parent directory and insert into queue directory My_dir) then files in queue are in order:

This is minor bug only but I prefer to have files in filename ascending order.

Or the best solution - user sorting type from Remote list window.
Or make sorting type in this case configurable (by name, time of creation, modification etc.) in Filezilla configuration.

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

FileZilla adds files to the queue in the very exact order the servers sends them. So it seems as if the server you are using sends the files in reversed alphabetical order when issuing an "ls" (at least in your described case).

As the overall aim is to download all files in a directory, the order of downloads is not relevant. And due to performance considerations, the list is NOT sorted but processed straight away.

This won't be fixed, closing this report.

comment:2 by nalim27, 16 years ago

Thanks for comments.

This is bad - because Filezilla 2 in this case do sorting before inserting into queue (I used Filezilla 2 on the same server as Filezilla 3 now).

OK I can live with this ... or I can go back to version 2 :-)

Or I can write script that re-sort files in queue .... Application data\FileZilla\queue.xml

Or I can create my own version of Filezilla with sorting - I thing that sorting of 100 files took on modern computer approx 200 ms - I can live with this performance drop :-)

Question is - If I develop this modification - it is possible to send it to Filezilla developers?

comment:3 by nalim27, 16 years ago

And last question: May I put this issue into Feature request?

comment:4 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

I do not know if you put it in there, but someone else did (as well):
[ 1882229 ] queue order

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