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Client does not recover from External IP switch

Reported by: danfb Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: 3.66.5 Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: 11



Happy to say this is my first bug report after many years of using this product!

After update to 3.66.5:

what happens:
I'll queue up an app for publishing to a webserver... > 1000 total files.
FZ begins transfer, transfers an arbitrary number of files, my network will switch over to a different WAN link (external IP changes.)
FZ gives multiple "File transfer failed" errors.
FZ never recovers. Full disconnection never occurs. I cannot forcibly disconnect from server. Closing and reopening FZ tab does not change anything, FZ refuses to connect to server again and queue cannot be cleared. The last log shows "Connecting to ###.###.###.###" but never connects.

work around:
I have to close FZ completely, and reopen and restart transfer.

some background:
Local network has SD-WAN routing, so if a WAN link fails (or fails to meet certain network requirements) a different WAN link is chosen, so external IP address changes.

Prior to 3.66.5, as far as i can tell, FZ client had no issue adapting to this change as I never experienced this before, it failed gracefully and reconnected (to my knowledge.)

what I expect to happen:
graceful failure. server is fully disconnected and connection is re-established on changed remote IP.

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