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Deletes All Settings

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Warning, not only are there NO viable release notes, version 3 install to a new directory - for no known reason, does not read any settings from version 2, and someone decided it was not important enough for people to be able to import all their settings, for the "reason" that the file structure is different! That's a lame excuse, since the file structure certainly was known to the team and could be transferred

Someone(s) surely took a lot of time to build a new version - and then did not create it in a very logical way. Why not do it right the first time, as now most of my sites will not work because someone did not think about what they were doing? I now have to spend a couple of hours repairing the damage.

This should have been a HUGE warning and a release notes that actually says something - neither of which there was!

I was happy with this software for years, now someone(s) need to go back to school and learn that an upgrade is for improvement, adding features - not to remove features and settings.

Can we get the settings so they import as this a a LARGE bug!

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

FileZilla 3 is a complete rewrite.

If you use "Edit -> Import" and point it to the location of the old settings file, FileZilla 3 can import your sites.

comment:2 by mylogon, 16 years ago

And if you actually DID that you would see exactly what I said -that it only imports a fraction of the data:


is all that is imported.
As I said - most data is missing and all has to be manually entered. At least 9 other settings are not imported. Not all 9 are always used - but they are there and not imported.

So, my statement is 100% correct.

"Can we get the settings so they import as this a a LARGE bug!"

Directories are probably used by most people, especially designers!

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